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Alexandria Real Estate
10_medOne of the obstacles of the project was the numerous amount of protrusions on the roof including HVAC Units and Blower Fan Units.

Lockheed Martin
11_medThe extensive steel deck replacement and the replacing mechanical equipment created a challenge because of the four clean rooms that the facility houses.

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Earle W. Kazis

This reroofing project was performed at the River City Shopping Center in Waltham, MA, which is owned by Earl W. Kazis Associates, Inc. The area that was reroofed was over the A. J. Wright store and the Subway store and measured approximately 28,000 sq. ft. The project included the removal of two (2) existing tar and gravel roofs down to the existing metal decking. New 22 gauge type B metal decking was used to replace any existing decking that was either damaged or rotted and new pressure treated wood nailers were used to replace existing nailers.

There were many old protrusions that were no longer in use that were removed prior to installing the new roof, including two (2) sets of large I beams as well as the units that sat on them, old curbs, pitchpockets and vents.

The deck was then insulated and a new Carlisle .060 fully adhered EPDM roof system was installed, including all flashings. Upon completion of the project, the Owner was issued a Fifteen (15) year warranty from Carlisle.

One of the difficult aspects of this particular job was the limited access for the crane, dumpsters and stock, etc. A major concern and effort was put forth by Specialized Roofing Company, Inc. to ensure the safety of the pedestrians entering and leaving the stores.

Another aspect was the coordination with the stores while the deck replacement was being performed. Again, safety was Specialized Roofing Co., Inc.’s main concern.