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Alexandria Real Estate
10_medOne of the obstacles of the project was the numerous amount of protrusions on the roof including HVAC Units and Blower Fan Units.

Lockheed Martin
11_medThe extensive steel deck replacement and the replacing mechanical equipment created a challenge because of the four clean rooms that the facility houses.

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At Specialized Roofing, we are concerned about the environmental impact of our materials and roof systems.  Additionally, we are leaders in emerging “green” roof systems which benefit our customers and the planet, now and in the future.

What is a ‘Green’ Roof?

There are many different definitions of a “Green” Roof.  Initially, it referred to a roof with a living, planted surface (also known as a garden or vegetated roof).  Today the definition has expanded to include a variety of practices in traditional roof construction and a number of new technologies which use the roof as a platform.

Types of Green Roofs

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) – A solar pv roof utilizes solar panels to convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity.
  • Solar Thermal – A solar thermal roof utilizes solar collectors to allow the sun’s rays to heat the temperature of water for domestic uses and heating.
  • Vegetative Roof (garden roof) – A vegetative roof incorporates a layer of growth media (soil) and plants (sedums) to create a covered, living roof surface.
  • Passive Solar – A passive solar system utilizes engineered skylights to decrease the need for artificial lighting.
  • Cool Roof – A cool roof utilizes a reflective surface to decrease the heat gain on the building.

Benefits of Green Roofs

Each type of system has different benefits specific to the manner in which the system performs. Benefits include:

  • Decreased energy costs
  • Extension of the life of the roof
  • Control of storm water runoff
  • Reduction in the urban heat island effect
  • Receipt of tax incentives, grants, and credits
  • Contribution to LEED points

Our Commitment

Specialized Roofing is an affiliate Paradigm Partner.  Paradigm Partners are tier one contractors specializing in the design and construction of “Green” roof systems.  On a case-by-case basis, we determine the unique needs of our clients and their buildings to identify the system that will provide the highest return on investment.